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Oh golly just like bowling I could talk all day about water but here are the cliffnotes. growing up my mom limited me from having soda/pop/coke which in retrospect was fantastic but it wasn't until about 12 years ago that we got serious about drinks we put in our body and bought an enagic sd501 that produces kangen water. Since then I have been on kangen water and every workout i've ever done i have never felt sore afterwards, I have barely gotten sick, everyone always wonders why I have so much energy.

anyways if that hasn't been enough I paid my way through university with the home-based business that you can do with enagic.

Kangen water traits

  1. 9.5ph using ionization not sodium bicarb
  2. active hydrogen resulting in ORP reading in -600-800Mv
  3. micro-clustering, the water chemical makeup is physically smaller resulting in much better hydration per ounces of water.

I'm sorry if my passion comes off as me trying to sell things but that's just how I feel about it. I give out free water for anyone who is interested and wish I could give away machines to everyone.

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