Things I like/enjoy 4

Safety Razor.

I could drop the mic right there but honestly it has probably been the best thing I have ever invested in. Since investing about 50$ back in 2017 I have enjoyed 2.5cent shaves ever since. a pack of 100 blades will cost you about 10 dollars but you can do two really good shaves per side, even if you go with one shave per side it's 5 cents a shave. I still haven't had to reorder blades and I have given many away. I have given safety razors away as gifts and also converted my best friend to it. Want to try/switch to a straight razor? just snap the doubled sided blade in half and boom you're in business, they are made to snap in half and I never knew until I started using a straight razor.

Although I can use a straight razor I prefer the safety razor cause you don't have to think as hard and can go really fast ( If i'm really in a rush I can go sub 1 minute )

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