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Japanese floor futon

For some reason when I was growing up I would sometimes prefer the floor instead of a bed. My parents went along with it and got me a 1.5in thick piece of foam and I would rotate between my bed and the piece of foam. As time went on that piece of foam went to my best friend's house and when I slept over I would always use it. I spent nights less and less when I moved far away from my best friend's house so I didn't sleep on the floor for a while. Fast forward to 2015 and I have been watching anime for a little under a year now, I saw in some of the animes that they sleep on the floor. That reignited something inside of me and so I bought a Japanese floor futon, during this time there was little section and you basically had to choose between two companies but I bought one for 75 dollars. My parents thought it would be a phase but I'm still sleeping on Japanese floor futons to this day and for the foreseeable future. The sad thing is that I don't think I will ever find a partner that would want to sleep on the floor with me since it takes a certain mindset and a love for very hard sleeping mattresses. I’ll need to find a very hard mattress or some other compromise like a raised platform that is level to another half of bed. I wonder how hard sleep numbers can get.

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