May 2nd 2019 (#4)

Hey y'all how was your day today? Mine started at 6am in the morning and is ending where it always does now, at my computer writing about the day in between.
Today was the first day of finals at my university, sadly I had to commute an hour there and back just for one final.
I wanted to talk about creativity and repetition in day to day life. This note is my fourth of many notes to come, but I am already seeing some of the difficulty with making a daily journal entry. As my life progresses things are going to become routine as I settle in, and I need to make sure to find joy in the small stuff to offset repetition and burnout. Simmaler to other people on this platform I want to make sure to keep my content interactive with links to things I find throughout the day. Pushing through the ordinary days with a daily creative outlet is paramount in my opinion for artists and anyone else that wants improvement.
interesting link of the day is this preview of WIFI 6 reviewed by Linus Tech Tips.
That's all for today :)

Make sure to drink your water, say something kind to yourself and others, and finally be a better person than you were yesterday.


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