May 3rd 2019

2nd day of finals at uni. Left for home at a reasonable time and took a nice 3-hour nap.
I'm going to be in a local ninja warrior timed competition tomorrow, I hope my hands can survive because my calluses on my right hand are coming off. I need to build my hand hydration, so that way my hands stay flexible and repair themselves fast.
After writing 5 of these logs, I'm already seeing my general motivation for my work going up. If anyone is reading this please @ me on twitter or write in the guestbook on how you stay motivated during work and what do you need to have to be the most productive at work.
Today I have two fresh videos that I found really interesting 

  1. He overtakes 118 riders! // MEGAVALANCHE QUALIFIER, Alpe d'Huez, France / Damien Desbrosses run
  2. Making a knife the high-tech way

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