May 4th 2019

First off... May the 4th be with you...
Anyway, I did some ninja competition this morning, and my hands survived but not without basically destroying every one of my calluses. I have to work to get my calluses back while also getting much stronger.
I watched a little kids basketball game today where the rules prevented them from stealing the ball from each other. Having played basketball for the majority of my life, it was exciting to watch. If I ever get bored someday I know, I could be the best coach for like middle school and below, where the foundations of the game need to be reinforced. I would let the better coaches build the house on that foundation, and they would be great.
Tomorrow is going to be crunch time for a lot of my assignments so I'm am going to be really busy. Nonetheless, I'm going to record my intro video tomorrow (no matter how cringy it is. I'm going to prepare with a sheet with bullet points and try my best and know that there is no greatness without failure.
Finally, the beta for the new dissenter web browser is out.

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