May 8th 2019 (1/100) #100Days

Hello everyone and welcome to day one out of 100 for Listed #100days writing challenge. I personally think this challenge is a great way to push yourself in a creative direction and improve your work ethic by finishing what you start even if it's hard. I am so happy to be on this platform with so many talented writers, creatives and professionals from different backgrounds and specialties. I'm excited to learn from all of you as I get better at expressing myself and my ideas.
I would have been on my 10th day of the #100days challenge by now, but I took a break yesterday because finals completely wiped me out. Today was the last day of the spring semester, and I'm excited to make an opportunity to focus on building on some projects I laid the groundwork for during the semester. During this semester I focused on moving from big tech to privacy based apps, thinking up a unique new username, securing all the relevant social media and domain names, and finally creating a logo. During the summer I'm going to be doing summer school with my university and maybe travel a bit, I also want to rapidly grow my social media presence and start my journey to creating my own business using the internet. I ordered a book called "One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days (I promise it's not an affiliate link)," but Amazon just told me that it got lost in the mail...
That's going to be all for me today I encourage all of you to start writing and challenge you to write for #100Days, you'll probably surprise yourself.
See yeah.

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