May 10th 2019 3/#100Days

Shot and edited my first video today on my new YouTube channel, it took me so many takes and like 3 hours to edit.

Saw detective Pikachu today and it was quite good, even though I predicted the end just by the trailer.

Found a cool video for you to watch.

Things I need to work on.

  1. learning to pick out ingredients in food or blindfolded
  2. get comfortable in front of the camera
  3. edit more and get faster.

I'm really loving this community with the fact that we like sharing ideas, but we don't mind if no one reads it. This platform is going to be the internet's best little treasures. I welcome everyone with open arms. I'm probably going to give out multiple subscriptions for Christmas and just random giveaways cause I believe in this product and platform so much.

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