May 13th 2019 6/#100Days

So a lot has been going on the past couple of days, but I've been keeping my notes super short because I always get home super late and I have little to no time to write them before I go to bed. Today I'm writing at about 10:30 at night.

Events of the last couple of days: doing research on how to blend into another country, doing research on locksport and penetration testing, and shooting pictures of a dog.

Something that's been on my mind is a book that I read a long time about called "The First 20 Hours" by Josh Kaufman. This book really sparked interest in learning a lot of things and becoming a jack of all trades. Something that I tried way back when I was trying to relearn typing using an alternative keyboard layout called colemak which has a more balanced usage between the hands. The only reason we use QWERTY today is because of the mechanics of the typewriter. So I'm going to try again to learn colemak. Hopefully, I can be excellent in colemak and ok in qwerty without them messing each other up.
Currently stuck on what type of YouTube content I want to make. I want to produce high-quality videos, but I feel like I'm not good enough to improv my way through and also not strong enough writer (let alone scriptwriting). Help. I guess I'll have to start off being a no brain react channel and work on my acting at the same time, also I could find a way to put a twist on it and still work on getting better at writing and making long format original content.

wow, writing really helps you get all your eggs sorted.

    Current goals

    1. learn locksport
    2. learn to use colemak
    3. create 1 video a week for the rest of the year
    4. learn script writing/hire a writer
    5. Finish the #100Days Challenge
    6. find a new bag for my car tools
    7. Reach 1000 subscribers by the end of the year.
    8. Get my cardio back up.
    9. stress about all the things I want to do
    10. WATCH LESS YOUTUBE ( I watch about 4 hours on average just on my phone.... I need help )

    I'm loving all the activity on Listed this past week I read every single article ( I check three times a day) it really has replaced Twitter for me because I find all of you so enjoyable.

    If anyone wants to ask any questions or just say hi, you can sign my guestbook :)

    (also for some reason my font sizes are all wonkey on Listed hmmm)

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