May 17th 2019 9/#100Days

I don’t know if anyone else has this, but I sometimes just don’t eat. It’s the weirdest feeling but I sometimes just don’t feel hunger and I don’t really feel the effects until the following day. That’s basically what I did yesterday, just worked on my room and realized I didn’t eat until 12 at night.
I had some time today to talk about, well, today. I’m reading books, watching movies, and trying to forge habits that will be useful to me in the future while I’m still in a forgiving environment. I found some really good ads in craigslist for some awesome camera gear for a steal. I don’t have the money right now the ad is easily $5000 underprice. When I get the money should I see if its still available? If it is should I buy it and resell the gear separately? I could basically make my money back with just one of the items. I hope so much that this deal is still available and is not “too good to be true” story.
Made some strides in how one of my recording sets is going to look like and function. One major question is should I do green screen or no? One upside is that I wouldn’t have to have a complicated lighting setup, on the other hand I just have to light myself and my green screen correctly so that way i have good separation and my green screen has no hot spots.
Upcoming stuff I need to worry about is mainly finding an internship and afterward finding a well paying job that I used my degree to get.
Found out that my sync account got completely canceled so either I’m going to have to sign up again or make my own cloud storage solution. I think for now I can get by with some external hard drives but I do think making my own server would be a great learning experience. Maybe I can do cloud storage and also do a Nas just in case i get another editor working on stuff. I built my own desktop computer, how much harder could it be (sarcasm lol).

Well that’s going to do it for me today, if you have any question or comments please feel free to tweet or DM me on twitter @GLSSJG.

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