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May 11th 2019 4/#100Days

Short note tonight I just want to go to bed. Need to fix my sleep schedule. Ordered some picks for locksport and some biking equipment.

May 10th 2019 3/#100Days

Shot and edited my first video today on my new YouTube channel, it took me so many takes and like 3 hours to edit.

Saw detective Pikachu today and it was quite good, even though I predicted the end just by the trailer.

Found a cool video for you to watch.

Things I need to work on.

  1. learning to pick out ingredients in food or blindfolded
  2. get comfortable in front of the camera
  3. edit more and get faster.

I'm really loving this community with the fact that we like sharing ideas, but we don't mind if no one reads it. This platform is going to be the internet's best little treasures. I welcome everyone with open arms. I'm probably going to give out multiple subscriptions for Christmas and just random giveaways cause I believe in this product and platform so much.

May 9th 2019 2/#100Days

So today I wanted to talk about how I'm going to enable comments on Listed and how my workflow works currently.

I'm going to start using Dissenter by Gab as my comment section for these logs. Basically once I post I can pull the direct link to the comment section (I will explain in detail below).

So for my workflow, this is how it works.

  1. Write everything out disregarding typos and grammar errors, no images or links
  2. Paste everything into Grammarly (already canceled the service but I'll use it until the subscription expires, I use it as a crutch)
  3. Paste back into Standard notes and insert images and links
  4. Actions>Upload to Listed
  5. Go to the article and grab the URL
  6. Go to Dissenter and paste in the URL
  7. Copy Dissenter link
  8. Go back to standard notes and insert the link at the bottom of the log (I use the plus editor)
  9. Actions>Update published post
  10. Actions>Email Subscribers

And there you have it, my insanely complicated process.

click this link if you want to comment on my log.

Update: Unfortunately, you'll need an account if you want to comment there. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

May 8th 2019 (1/100) #100Days

Hello everyone and welcome to day one out of 100 for Listed #100days writing challenge. I personally think this challenge is a great way to push yourself in a creative direction and improve your work ethic by finishing what you start even if it's hard. I am so happy to be on this platform with so many talented writers, creatives and professionals from different backgrounds and specialties. I'm excited to learn from all of you as I get better at expressing myself and my ideas.
I would have been on my 10th day of the #100days challenge by now, but I took a break yesterday because finals completely wiped me out. Today was the last day of the spring semester, and I'm excited to make an opportunity to focus on building on some projects I laid the groundwork for during the semester. During this semester I focused on moving from big tech to privacy based apps, thinking up a unique new username, securing all the relevant social media and domain names, and finally creating a logo. During the summer I'm going to be doing summer school with my university and maybe travel a bit, I also want to rapidly grow my social media presence and start my journey to creating my own business using the internet. I ordered a book called "One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days (I promise it's not an affiliate link)," but Amazon just told me that it got lost in the mail...
That's going to be all for me today I encourage all of you to start writing and challenge you to write for #100Days, you'll probably surprise yourself.
See yeah.

May 6th 2019

Another day another few hours asleep yay.
In preparing for my university finals, I got about an hour of sleep. It paid off, and I got some pretty good grades on my projects. I have one more project for tonight, but I think I'll get some sleep tonight.

May 5th 2019

hey, I'm kinda busy tonight, so I'm going to keep this log relatively short.
Long story short I have two deadlines to meet by tomorrow, and I've been polishing the items to turn in all day. While I was doing some of my work I started watching Game of Thrones, and I have to say that I have yet to really warm up to it, but I'm only 2-3 eps in. I have been listening to reddit posts read by Rslash, and I'm pretty addicted.
Other than moving some furniture for a friend and working in and around my house it's been pretty dull.
I'm going to go pull an all-nighter now :)

May 4th 2019

First off... May the 4th be with you...
Anyway, I did some ninja competition this morning, and my hands survived but not without basically destroying every one of my calluses. I have to work to get my calluses back while also getting much stronger.
I watched a little kids basketball game today where the rules prevented them from stealing the ball from each other. Having played basketball for the majority of my life, it was exciting to watch. If I ever get bored someday I know, I could be the best coach for like middle school and below, where the foundations of the game need to be reinforced. I would let the better coaches build the house on that foundation, and they would be great.
Tomorrow is going to be crunch time for a lot of my assignments so I'm am going to be really busy. Nonetheless, I'm going to record my intro video tomorrow (no matter how cringy it is. I'm going to prepare with a sheet with bullet points and try my best and know that there is no greatness without failure.
Finally, the beta for the new dissenter web browser is out.

May 3rd 2019

2nd day of finals at uni. Left for home at a reasonable time and took a nice 3-hour nap.
I'm going to be in a local ninja warrior timed competition tomorrow, I hope my hands can survive because my calluses on my right hand are coming off. I need to build my hand hydration, so that way my hands stay flexible and repair themselves fast.
After writing 5 of these logs, I'm already seeing my general motivation for my work going up. If anyone is reading this please @ me on twitter or write in the guestbook on how you stay motivated during work and what do you need to have to be the most productive at work.
Today I have two fresh videos that I found really interesting 

  1. He overtakes 118 riders! // MEGAVALANCHE QUALIFIER, Alpe d'Huez, France / Damien Desbrosses run
  2. Making a knife the high-tech way

May 2nd 2019 (#4)

Hey y'all how was your day today? Mine started at 6am in the morning and is ending where it always does now, at my computer writing about the day in between.
Today was the first day of finals at my university, sadly I had to commute an hour there and back just for one final.
I wanted to talk about creativity and repetition in day to day life. This note is my fourth of many notes to come, but I am already seeing some of the difficulty with making a daily journal entry. As my life progresses things are going to become routine as I settle in, and I need to make sure to find joy in the small stuff to offset repetition and burnout. Simmaler to other people on this platform I want to make sure to keep my content interactive with links to things I find throughout the day. Pushing through the ordinary days with a daily creative outlet is paramount in my opinion for artists and anyone else that wants improvement.
interesting link of the day is this preview of WIFI 6 reviewed by Linus Tech Tips.
That's all for today :)

Make sure to drink your water, say something kind to yourself and others, and finally be a better person than you were yesterday.


May 1st 2019 (#3)

Just got my confirmation email that my custom domain for Listed is now live. You can now find these notes under the URL I'm so relieved that everything is pretty much set up for this platform.

So today I wanted to talk about some rules that I'm going to be laying out for myself for these public journal notes.


  1. Any long travel trips will be not be posted until the trip is over. Most likely a summary of the trip will be here and on my YouTube channel
  2. names usage will be limited just to respect the privacy
  3. Never post where I live, although I will be sharing events that happen around town
  4. keep the content here decently wholesome for the sake of young readers
  5. Generally, stay away from topics that people will get offended by. I know I can't please everyone, but I'll try
  6. With political stuff I'll say "Do your own research and be confident in who you're voting in."

Now that's out of the way I wanted to give you an update on my YouTube video. From what I can deduce Youtube has been putting my video in the YouTube kids app as a suggestion. My thumbnail for the video is very bright and features kids, so it's been doing really well when put beside other content with less flashy thumbnails. Anyway, the video has passed the 100k view mark and is sitting at about 110k right now. Looking at the data, I think my video is going to start slowing down, but we'll see tomorrow and over the weekend.

This coming week is going to be pretty stressful because of finals at my university. This semester will probably be the easiest one of my university education, one of my classes just requires me to go to an hour event.

I'm planning to shoot my introduction video for my YouTube channel this weekend if I'm not to busy with homework.

I got my butt beat pretty hard in ninja warrior training today, I need to put more cardio in my weekly routine. Biking in the morning will be my best bet, I might even do it with an altitude training mask for better breathing and lung capacity.

As for today's video, I would have to give it to NODE for the entertaining video featuring the game Totally Accurate battle simulator.

Make sure to drink your water, say something kind to yourself and others, and finally be a better person than you were yesterday.

bye bye


Tuesday April 30th (entry #2)

Hey y'all I hope everyone is having a great day. I'm currently writing this at twelve midnight just to ensure that I nail this habit of taking the time to put my day down.

So last I pretty much pulled an all-nighter trying to finish my design project. I got about an hour of sleep, but I seem to be managing so far.

I'm considering the direction I'm going to take this particular online platform. I don't know whether to write down things throughout the day or just writing everything down at once. I assume that over time I might do a hybrid of both with small notations, pictures, and videos during the day then write a reflection about it and fill in some extra details.

Notable occurrences today were: One of my professors was so late that everyone left the class. I got to take an hour nap. 

Last thing before I go (getting sleepy). I think I figured everything out with my Listed profile which includes: a banner, a possible title for these notes, and hopefully my custom domain with set up by tomorrow.

Last last thing (I know). That video that I mentioned yesterday about being picked up by the YouTube algorithm now has about 85k view which I'm entirely blown away by. Will keep you updated on this little piece of YouTube stardom.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a sweet Sword Art Online piano medley from HalcyonMusic, I can't wait to see if I can play this song sometime soon.

Make sure to drink your water, say something kind to yourself and others, and finally be a better person than you were yesterday.

bye bye


The start of something new.

Day 1

Hello, my name is Christian. I want to run a brand named GLSSJG. But, where do I start?

I think this is a great place to start. Creating, Building, Doing something. This is probably going to be something that I hope has a smaller community as opposed to the big entertainment company I want to build. These notes will be linked to in my first video, and then I plan just to let word of mouth carry it to whoever wants to hear.

I've been watching Youtube for a long time, and finally, I want to make something. I mean, I've wanted to for a long time, and it seems like every force has been pushing me these last few days. First, there was an old channel. I had stopped creating content on it for a long time except for the random Overwatch highlight every once and a while. Well, yesterday I was changing all my passwords and just happen to look at my featured video on my channel. It was a Doritos Crash the Superbowl ad that I had made with my friends and family. It had over 30k views. It now has over 50k views. After seeing what the YouTube algorithm can do I'm so hooked. The second thing that happened is that I watched this video from Indy Mogul that really pushed me to start.

I'm going to go now and do my homework that's due tomorrow. I'm so excited to have you on this journey, and if no one reads this, then I'll just enjoy looking back on these notes from the day.

Make sure to drink your water, say something kind to yourself and others, and finally be a better person than you were yesterday.

bye bye