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Things I like/enjoy 4

Safety Razor.

I could drop the mic right there but honestly it has probably been the best thing I have ever invested in. Since investing about 50$ back in 2017 I have enjoyed 2.5cent shaves ever since. a pack of 100 blades will cost you about 10 dollars but you can do two really good shaves per side, even if you go with one shave per side it's 5 cents a shave. I still haven't had to reorder blades and I have given many away. I have given safety razors away as gifts and also converted my best friend to it. Want to try/switch to a straight razor? just snap the doubled sided blade in half and boom you're in business, they are made to snap in half and I never knew until I started using a straight razor.

Although I can use a straight razor I prefer the safety razor cause you don't have to think as hard and can go really fast ( If i'm really in a rush I can go sub 1 minute )

Things I like/enjoy 3


Oh golly just like bowling I could talk all day about water but here are the cliffnotes. growing up my mom limited me from having soda/pop/coke which in retrospect was fantastic but it wasn't until about 12 years ago that we got serious about drinks we put in our body and bought an enagic sd501 that produces kangen water. Since then I have been on kangen water and every workout i've ever done i have never felt sore afterwards, I have barely gotten sick, everyone always wonders why I have so much energy.

anyways if that hasn't been enough I paid my way through university with the home-based business that you can do with enagic.

Kangen water traits

  1. 9.5ph using ionization not sodium bicarb
  2. active hydrogen resulting in ORP reading in -600-800Mv
  3. micro-clustering, the water chemical makeup is physically smaller resulting in much better hydration per ounces of water.

I'm sorry if my passion comes off as me trying to sell things but that's just how I feel about it. I give out free water for anyone who is interested and wish I could give away machines to everyone.

Things I like/enjoy 2


I’ve been bowling since I think I was 11 years old first starting out with a Friday night league with my grandma and my parents. During university there wasn’t a bowling alley near me so I took a four year break. I’m back now and I’m aiming for a regional pba tournament win but that’s going to take a lot of work.

I enjoy the sport because it’s a solo competition that is sometimes has team tournaments. It’s air conditioned no matter where you go in the world, it’s a lifetime sport that can be played way beyond your 50s. Lastly it’s just super fun because of so many hidden elements to the game which no one except for those who play often know, exact sciences and notebooks full of observations are what some of the best of the best do.

Things I like/enjoy 1


People say I have a loud clap and I would agree with them. This makes me happy because when I can appreciate something with clapping, even if its a small crowd I can make the person who I'm praising a boost of happiness with my sound.

Side note when I was thinking about this series a week or two ago clapping was the first thing that came to mind that I thought was super small but to me is something I like maybe more than others.

Introduction #100Days

If anyone knows me now or stumbles into me on the street and you find this blog at least you'll know what I like. Over the next 100 days I plan to look inside myself and find something I like. Maybe I'll just write down what it is without any explanation or I might write a whole book. If any targeted ads come this I honestly won't be mad.

Better Now

Everything seems to be working for the better now. I have a new job that is challenging but I like it, I have a new car that works, I am in the best shape i've ever been in, and my mental health is back in a good place.

My new job has me doing a lot of video and photo work (and all the editing that goes with it). My favorite projects is when I get to do some photoshop work and I have already fallen back in love with it.

With reading my total listening time on audible is about to reach 2 months which considering that I created my account in late 2016 really shows a glimpse of how much time I have spent driving

So anyways that's my life update, I don't know when I'll write again but I do know that I will continue to grow and learn from my wins and losses. I think I have some disruptive ideas in my head that will make life easier for myself once all the hard work of developing those ideas come to bear fruit.


the crazy thing about this platform is that it keeps pulling me back. I've changed the name to something I think is a bit more interesting but also more honest about what content people expect to find here.

reading my last post I realize that what I was about to put here today would of been the same thing except worded differently. I have grown since my first relationship ended but I imagine that healing and acceptance will only come with the passage of time. I've been contemplating writing a song about this whole ordeal but it would be something I've never done before.


I’m sorry I don’t always talk about my feelings, I want to make it up to some of you by at least putting them here. And then I’ll put every one of these disappearing notes in a permanent location so I can log my progress and feelings

Sleeping on this couch is something that will help. Entrusting friends with some of my struggles is the first step to growth. What other steps can I take? As I said to one of my friends tonight is that I work best when I have a small area of focus. I like working alone yet I’m unmotivated, I like small friend groups because I feel more like a loner yet I crave human interaction and touch when I’m alone. Is all this ilrelevent because I feel lost, goalless and pathless. Another day passes

Off topic but I often feel at war with my carnal desires and my mind. Of course the mind always wins but the conflict still takes up brain power. I hope these skirmishes subside as I get older.

P.s looking back this will not help me remember successfully, I might need to add a quick summery of the days events to help jog my memory

Went to an art show put on by the hospice center the artist was at. When to my friends house to go to a vegan place that makes cinnamon rolls. Came back and watched some YouTube and office. Decided to sleep on the couch. Started writing within Instagram and decided that I would start posting here again. Maybe this time #100days will be doable with so much time and so much on my mind.

The next year of my life is going to be crazy

it has been so crazy that I forgot to start writing the rest of this artical. I'm a little overwhelmed and that is leading to slow productivity which adds to the stress and compounds the problem. I don't really know whats going on.

what I do know is that I've read these books since we last left.
The Vexed Generation (Magic 2.0)
Steelheart (The Reckoners)
Firefight (The Reckoners)
Calamity (The Reckoners)
Mitosis (The Reckoners)
Meet the Frugalwoods
Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

Currently reading
Children of Ruin
The Obesity Code (really awesome book)

okay this kinda helped so I'm going to get back to work. If y'all have any prayers or encourgment I will gladly accept it.

Have a fantastic day.

Recap: I’m not dead

So I haven’t been here for a while, here is what I’ve done since my absence.

  1. I was in Italy when I was writing the majority of my #100days challenge but I was keeping it secret for safety reason. I stayed there for a month for some summer classes (two B’s).
  2. I went to Colorado with my girlfriend and her family for a week which was awesome
  3. I recently fell in love with a book series called Everyone loves large chests which I listened to on audible but recently found out that it’s a web series that’s wayyyyyyy ahead of the books. It’s my first lewdfantasy genre series and I honestly love it (pretty much anything video game related: Sword art online, konosuba, ready player one, ascend online).
  4. I just found out where I need to approve my guestbook entries and I approved all of them. Thank you for your concern and support for this outlet, it really means the world to me.

Ok so this is unorganized but that’s why we love listed. I didn’t die on May 24th but I did get pretty wasted and then proceeded to run through the streets of Florence to get back to my apartment to go to the bathroom. I don’t know why I stopped updating but I’m sorry for the wait. I might take up the #100days challenge but I might not. All I know is that I love this platform still and I’m excited to start posting again.

If anyone has any good Books, Anime, selfhelp, recipes, or life hacks (nsfw or otherwise) please send them my way.

I’ve been reading: meet the frugalwoods. I’ll talk more about this book and how it’s really inspiring me.

Also I’m hooked on those askreddit posts that are read by robots for some reason.

May 24 2019 13/#100Days

Currently drunk/tipsy
The room is currently spinning
Perfect time to write right?
Ohhhhhhhhhhg the spinning
I could of gone to the club but I got drunk at the pregame bar

May 20th 2019 12/#100Day

Eating in with friends, need to make more time for writing. Summer classes at 8am are so boring.

May 19th 2019 11/#100Days

Summer courses begin tomorrow, I’m having fun meeting with my classmates today.
Weird question but if you could buy one leather good which one would you buy? For me I think a bag of some sort would probably be the best in my opinion. Any clothing I would be scared to out grow in some way.

May 18th 2019 10/#100days

I honestly can’t really remember the last 24 hours that well. Everything is so hectic and I have gotten very little sleep.

May 17th 2019 9/#100Days

I don’t know if anyone else has this, but I sometimes just don’t eat. It’s the weirdest feeling but I sometimes just don’t feel hunger and I don’t really feel the effects until the following day. That’s basically what I did yesterday, just worked on my room and realized I didn’t eat until 12 at night.
I had some time today to talk about, well, today. I’m reading books, watching movies, and trying to forge habits that will be useful to me in the future while I’m still in a forgiving environment. I found some really good ads in craigslist for some awesome camera gear for a steal. I don’t have the money right now the ad is easily $5000 underprice. When I get the money should I see if its still available? If it is should I buy it and resell the gear separately? I could basically make my money back with just one of the items. I hope so much that this deal is still available and is not “too good to be true” story.
Made some strides in how one of my recording sets is going to look like and function. One major question is should I do green screen or no? One upside is that I wouldn’t have to have a complicated lighting setup, on the other hand I just have to light myself and my green screen correctly so that way i have good separation and my green screen has no hot spots.
Upcoming stuff I need to worry about is mainly finding an internship and afterward finding a well paying job that I used my degree to get.
Found out that my sync account got completely canceled so either I’m going to have to sign up again or make my own cloud storage solution. I think for now I can get by with some external hard drives but I do think making my own server would be a great learning experience. Maybe I can do cloud storage and also do a Nas just in case i get another editor working on stuff. I built my own desktop computer, how much harder could it be (sarcasm lol).

Well that’s going to do it for me today, if you have any question or comments please feel free to tweet or DM me on twitter @GLSSJG.