I’m sorry I don’t always talk about my feelings, I want to make it up to some of you by at least putting them here. And then I’ll put every one of these disappearing notes in a permanent location so I can log my progress and feelings

Sleeping on this couch is something that will help. Entrusting friends with some of my struggles is the first step to growth. What other steps can I take? As I said to one of my friends tonight is that I work best when I have a small area of focus. I like working alone yet I’m unmotivated, I like small friend groups because I feel more like a loner yet I crave human interaction and touch when I’m alone. Is all this ilrelevent because I feel lost, goalless and pathless. Another day passes

Off topic but I often feel at war with my carnal desires and my mind. Of course the mind always wins but the conflict still takes up brain power. I hope these skirmishes subside as I get older.

P.s looking back this will not help me remember successfully, I might need to add a quick summery of the days events to help jog my memory

Went to an art show put on by the hospice center the artist was at. When to my friends house to go to a vegan place that makes cinnamon rolls. Came back and watched some YouTube and office. Decided to sleep on the couch. Started writing within Instagram and decided that I would start posting here again. Maybe this time #100days will be doable with so much time and so much on my mind.

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