Better Now

Everything seems to be working for the better now. I have a new job that is challenging but I like it, I have a new car that works, I am in the best shape i've ever been in, and my mental health is back in a good place.

My new job has me doing a lot of video and photo work (and all the editing that goes with it). My favorite projects is when I get to do some photoshop work and I have already fallen back in love with it.

With reading my total listening time on audible is about to reach 2 months which considering that I created my account in late 2016 really shows a glimpse of how much time I have spent driving

So anyways that's my life update, I don't know when I'll write again but I do know that I will continue to grow and learn from my wins and losses. I think I have some disruptive ideas in my head that will make life easier for myself once all the hard work of developing those ideas come to bear fruit.

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