Almost a one eighty

After reading digital minimalism by Cal Newport I have severely cut my screen time down over the past two weeks. During lockdown and six months after my first relationship my screentime on my phone hit an all-time high with one day reaching twelve hours and averaging ten hours that week. I mainly bounced around tinder, snapchat, instagram, youtube, anime, and various porn sites. The way this week is going for screentime is pretty absurd by contrast, I'm averaging about two to three hours a day. Yesterday I came home from work and talked with my mother about screen time usage so I checked my stats for the day... I was one minute under an hour! A lot of my time on my phone comes from youtube but it's under more control than ever before. That being said I need to incorporate more news into my daily data flow so I'm going to go with allsides and morning brew. Morning brew for daily news and allsides for following up on any articles that I get from morning brew.

I'm very excited for the future as I disconnect from the whole world and reconnect with my world.

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