Digital minimalism update

First off the good things. I learned how to solve a rubik's cube (sub 5mins so far), and I'm getting back into anime with the new season of log horizon and Kuroko no Basket.

I've been having trouble with digital minimalism. Staying off social media is easy but I don't think I was ready for the social isolation that comes from it. I have all the things against me, I was homeschooled growing up, moved to a rural area when I was about twelve, and drove an hour to university so I never really got to take part in all the activities. Durring university things got better when I got into a relationship that pushed me to be better but between lockdowns and general isolation with covid I feel like i've regressed to before university. I'm better with people now but the majority of my friends and acquaintances are now far away or grown apart from each other. Social media is one of the last connections I have with people and deleting it has made the problem more clear that I need friends. I find myself in the mindset that I don't even know what friends are anymore, the feeling is akin to not knowing how to be in a romantic relationship because you've never been in one or it's been too long to remember. I'm sure with both it would be like relearning how to ride a bike, it's super easy. With no bikes to ride and not being in an area where there are many bikes sold (especially high quality ones) how can one relearn. I'm trying but not as hard as I can. I think I'm going to double down on my digital minimalism with actively avoiding Youtube, as much as it is a source of creativity, learning, and entertaining short form news it is a time sink that sucks away any hard earned leisure time. Another short goal is if I find local friends that game online then I can strengthen that bond with some light gaming but push for in person interactions.

This might seem like all doom and gloom but I'm still have a optimist outlook on life. There is peaks and valleys but that only takes a small portion of our life and if we only focus on them then life will be shorter than it already is. Life should be pulled like taffy, squeezed to the very last drop. Relax but also go.

thank you for time. I hope to have a more favorable update soon.

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