May 1st 2019 (#3)

Just got my confirmation email that my custom domain for Listed is now live. You can now find these notes under the URL I'm so relieved that everything is pretty much set up for this platform.

So today I wanted to talk about some rules that I'm going to be laying out for myself for these public journal notes.


  1. Any long travel trips will be not be posted until the trip is over. Most likely a summary of the trip will be here and on my YouTube channel
  2. names usage will be limited just to respect the privacy
  3. Never post where I live, although I will be sharing events that happen around town
  4. keep the content here decently wholesome for the sake of young readers
  5. Generally, stay away from topics that people will get offended by. I know I can't please everyone, but I'll try
  6. With political stuff I'll say "Do your own research and be confident in who you're voting in."

Now that's out of the way I wanted to give you an update on my YouTube video. From what I can deduce Youtube has been putting my video in the YouTube kids app as a suggestion. My thumbnail for the video is very bright and features kids, so it's been doing really well when put beside other content with less flashy thumbnails. Anyway, the video has passed the 100k view mark and is sitting at about 110k right now. Looking at the data, I think my video is going to start slowing down, but we'll see tomorrow and over the weekend.

This coming week is going to be pretty stressful because of finals at my university. This semester will probably be the easiest one of my university education, one of my classes just requires me to go to an hour event.

I'm planning to shoot my introduction video for my YouTube channel this weekend if I'm not to busy with homework.

I got my butt beat pretty hard in ninja warrior training today, I need to put more cardio in my weekly routine. Biking in the morning will be my best bet, I might even do it with an altitude training mask for better breathing and lung capacity.

As for today's video, I would have to give it to NODE for the entertaining video featuring the game Totally Accurate battle simulator.

Make sure to drink your water, say something kind to yourself and others, and finally be a better person than you were yesterday.

bye bye


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