Living in the year 9999
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Things I like/enjoy 15

Japanese floor futon

For some reason when I was growing up I would sometimes prefer the floor instead of a bed. My parents went along with it and got me a 1.5in thick piece of foam and I would rotate between my bed and the piece of foam. As time went on that piece of foam went to my best friend's house and when I slept over I would always use it. I spent nights less and less when I moved far away from my best friend's house so I didn't sleep on the floor for a while. Fast forward to 2015 and I have been watching anime for a little under a year now, I saw in some of the animes that they sleep on the floor. That reignited something inside of me and so I bought a Japanese floor futon, during this time there was little section and you basically had to choose between two companies but I bought one for 75 dollars. My parents thought it would be a phase but I'm still sleeping on Japanese floor futons to this day and for the foreseeable future. The sad thing is that I don't think I will ever find a partner that would want to sleep on the floor with me since it takes a certain mindset and a love for very hard sleeping mattresses. I’ll need to find a very hard mattress or some other compromise like a raised platform that is level to another half of bed. I wonder how hard sleep numbers can get.

Things I like/enjoy 14


For a long time piano was just a chore that I did to make my parents happy but I would say since march of 2020 I have been just been playing for fun. Sometimes just breaking down songs I hear into cords and melodies, improvisation, and reading sheet music.

Things I like/enjoy 13

Quality Time

When it comes down to it I like people. It's nice to at least share a space with someone that I care about. If they like that I'm there then that makes my heart sing, if its neutral then thats okay too.


Looks like my little stunt living in the year 9999 made a difference on the platform. Hi Mo, I hope you’re doing well. Are your businesses and projects are happy and healthy?

Things I like/enjoy 11

Weighted blankets

As someone who feels like they don't get enough hugs weighted blankets come in handy for that daily feeling.

Things I like/enjoy 10

Koss portapros headphones

These headphones may not have the soundstage of headphones with the drivers further away from the ears but I really do like them. the bass is punchy and everything else seems pretty detailed. I personally wear them with the headband barely touching my head with the main staying power coming from the clamping force of the comfort zone pad, I also set the zone to light to get just a little more soundstage.

A 2021 Comes

Just a couple of things to get off my chest.

For starters, I have a bunch of personal goals I want to accomplish and fulfill. A portion of these habits will replace bad ones, hopefully resulting in a more focused, happy, healthy, and prosperous life from now on.


  • return to working out four times a week
  • writing hopefully seven days a week
  • shooting more creative photography 
  • learn a new language with duolingo

Things to decrease/limit

stimulation from artificial sources (my phone screen time usually hovers around 6-8 hours a day 

  • youtube consumption (I have learned so much from youtube, but without application, what's the point)
  • Instagram consumption of discovering & reels
  • Snapchat consumption of discover
  • Pornography consumption
  • and knowing some of these things will create a vacuum just being mindful of mindless consumption

limiting my simple sugar intake

I'm also going to be working on selling more of the items that I don't use/ have never used. If we die, we can't take anything with us, and if I were to move to another state or country, I'm not taking 90%+ of my things. So in the coming year, I need to figure out what I'm keeping and what I'm selling. Related to this is clothing. It does give me joy, but at the same time, I do think I have too many things. In the future, I want to find the 20% of items that use 80% of the time and then add some necessary utility pieces that can do the job of the other 20%.

I need to get my teeth aligned/whitened 

Lastly, I need to figure out how to interact with people again. Before going to university, I was raised in a homeschool family, so I didn't have many friends, to begin with, but I do feel blessed to have the ones I did. I stepped out of my shell during university thanks to my fast best friend, who I later dated. With recent events with minimal interaction with people, I feel very isolated, even going as far as to question what friends are again. I know it's a two-way street, but when no one reaches out, it can feel lonesome. As we advance, I will reach out to some of my acquaintances and old friends to see if they can help me realize what friends are again. I'm also going to be posting my availability on Instagram to push anyone that wants to hang out but felt like they were being a bother (how I usually think about reaching out). Depending on how well the Instagram campaign goes will determine how long it will run. Helping with my reintegration, I'm going to be re-reading "Mate" "Batchelor pad economics" and "how to win friends and influence people."

I know 2020 was challenging in many ways for many people. I took a toll mentally and relationally but blessedly also secured a decent first full-time job. 2021 is going to be one great year.

Things I like/enjoy 9

Gerber Shard

a very nice minimal tool for unexpected things. There might be better tools now but this one is mine and until I lose it I'll probably keep using it.

Things I like/enjoy 8

NarwhalCo Pens

I don't know when but at some point in the past when I was really into researching EDC I saw that a lot of people carried pens. I read many stories about how having a pen in a pinch can really be helpful. I got these narwhalco pens because they fit perfectly in my wallet and because if your register they will send you free ink refills, I haven't had to request any yet but it's been great having a pen with me at all times I cant tell you how many times I just break it out and people start cheering.

Things I like/enjoy 7

Pilot g2 pens

As a graphic designer a lot of my work starts with pen and paper. Any pen will work but if I have a choice it would probably be pilot g2 pens (Walmart r2 pens also work).

Things I like/enjoy 6


They are where I do basically all my work, but I love how they work. I work with mac and windows have built a couple of custom builds.

Things I like/enjoy 5


I always love the technical side of photography, all the rules, specs of cameras, and post production. I like dabbling in all types of photography but I feel most suited to journalistic or documentation. when working with people I have a lot of trouble with posing and getting them to look good, my candid work where people don't even know I'm there or don't care seems to be some of my best work that comes easiest to me.

Things I like/enjoy 4

Safety Razor.

I could drop the mic right there but honestly it has probably been the best thing I have ever invested in. Since investing about 50$ back in 2017 I have enjoyed 2.5cent shaves ever since. a pack of 100 blades will cost you about 10 dollars but you can do two really good shaves per side, even if you go with one shave per side it's 5 cents a shave. I still haven't had to reorder blades and I have given many away. I have given safety razors away as gifts and also converted my best friend to it. Want to try/switch to a straight razor? just snap the doubled sided blade in half and boom you're in business, they are made to snap in half and I never knew until I started using a straight razor.

Although I can use a straight razor I prefer the safety razor cause you don't have to think as hard and can go really fast ( If i'm really in a rush I can go sub 1 minute )

Things I like/enjoy 3


Oh golly just like bowling I could talk all day about water but here are the cliffnotes. growing up my mom limited me from having soda/pop/coke which in retrospect was fantastic but it wasn't until about 12 years ago that we got serious about drinks we put in our body and bought an enagic sd501 that produces kangen water. Since then I have been on kangen water and every workout i've ever done i have never felt sore afterwards, I have barely gotten sick, everyone always wonders why I have so much energy.

anyways if that hasn't been enough I paid my way through university with the home-based business that you can do with enagic.

Kangen water traits

  1. 9.5ph using ionization not sodium bicarb
  2. active hydrogen resulting in ORP reading in -600-800Mv
  3. micro-clustering, the water chemical makeup is physically smaller resulting in much better hydration per ounces of water.

I'm sorry if my passion comes off as me trying to sell things but that's just how I feel about it. I give out free water for anyone who is interested and wish I could give away machines to everyone.

Things I like/enjoy 2


I’ve been bowling since I think I was 11 years old first starting out with a Friday night league with my grandma and my parents. During university there wasn’t a bowling alley near me so I took a four year break. I’m back now and I’m aiming for a regional pba tournament win but that’s going to take a lot of work.

I enjoy the sport because it’s a solo competition that is sometimes has team tournaments. It’s air conditioned no matter where you go in the world, it’s a lifetime sport that can be played way beyond your 50s. Lastly it’s just super fun because of so many hidden elements to the game which no one except for those who play often know, exact sciences and notebooks full of observations are what some of the best of the best do.